ELivate - simply replace your forklift battery system

ELivate uses Litarion`s high performance LITACELL® cell technology for a revolutionary forklift battery system – the most efficient, longest lasting and safest Lithium-Ion battery solution on the market.

The ELivate product line comprises various 24V, 36V and 48V configurations, suitable for Class I, II and III material handling equipment.


  • Lithium-Ion ceramic cell technology (LITACELL®) provides industry-leading cycle life & safety
  • Matches weight of lead-acid battery equivalents for drop-in replacement
  • Capable of full recharge in one hour with higher charging efficiency than lead-acid
  • No scheduled maintenance, no watering
  • Cost reductions vs. competing power technologies
  • Higher productivity due to longer drive time between duty cycles, no battery swapping

Superior cycle and calendar life

  • LITACELL® LC-40 / LC-44 cells featuring LITARION® electrodes and SEPARION® ceramic separator inside
  • 6000 cycles depending on operating conditions

Extraordinary safety

  • SEPARION® ceramic separator inside
  • Highest safety for Lithium-Ion battery cells in all relevant abuse scenarios