Ceramic separators for large-format lithium-ion batteries

SEPARION® ceramic separators offer a unique combination of highest safety level, unparalleled temperature stability, and extraordinary cycle and calendar life. Due to its excellent proven safety and performance properties, SEPARION® is the ideal solution for advanced applications, such as stationary and mobile energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and many others.

Extraordinary cycle life and cell performance

  • Enables ultra-long cycle and calendar life (up to 9000 cycles demonstrated at 100 % DoD, 1C/1C)
  • Suitable for special high temperature applications (> 100 °C in operation)
  • Proven performance in high power applications (Rates up to 150 °C demonstrated)

Superior temperature stability

  • Mechanical integrity up to 240 °C
  • Very low shrinkage (< 1% at 200 °C / 24 h)
  • Highest safety for lithium-ion battery cells in typical abuse scenarios (e.g. nail penetration test)

Efficient processing

  • Compatible with all typical processing technologies (stacking, winding or Z-folding)
  • Allows thorough drying of stacks or jelly rolls at elevated temperatures (> 130 °C)
  • Exceptional wettability for accelerated and highly uniform electrolyte absorption


  • Full ceramic material embedded into PET non-woven support
  • Ceramics and non-woven form a exible single-layer network
  • Proprietary manufacturing technology for excellent large-scale uniformity

SEM images of PET non-woven, cross section of the SEPARION® S240P30 ceramic separator, and surface.

Product properties

SEPARION® S240P30 S240P20
Ceramics Al2O3
Support PET - Non Woven
Thickness (μm) 28 21
Area Weight (g/m2, incl. support) 40 33
Gurley Number 22 20
Porosity (%) 46 48
Thermal Shrinkage (%) @ 200 °C, MD/TD < 1 < 1
Tensile Strength MD (N/cm sample width) > 6 > 3